DevOps and automation In The Entertainment Industry: The Places You Never Imagined It Could Play A Role.

Nigerians born in the late ’80s and early ’90s are the most likely to appreciate the growth in the Nigerian entertainment industry. From the quality of materials and stories to the delivery and marketing. This phenomenal growth is not just in Nollywood but also in the music industry. It has become normal for the Nigerian musician to win a Grammy and for our films to be viewed by audiences worldwide. […]

Attending IBM’s Think 2024: A Glimpse Into The Future.

  Big Stage. Boston is most famous for its role in the American Revolution. This time, it hosted a technology revolution focused on AI and Hybrid cloud. The event was unforgettable because of the large stage, brilliant lights, razzmatazz, and bright minds. The IBM(Think 2024) event in 2024 was comparable to the Grammys minus the […]

Advancing Healthcare: Exploring Enterprise Solutions for Providers.

  Today, the healthcare landscape requires efficient, secure and innovative solutions to function. Healthcare providers, from hospitals and clinics to larger health systems, are finding new solutions, which include enterprise solutions to streamline operations, enhance patient care, and navigate regulatory requirements that are sometimes complex. These comprehensive systems integrate various components, which include electronic health […]

The Digital Evolution: ICT Enhancing AFCON in 2024.

An older gentleman sat on the roadside curb outside a pub as pedestrians poured through the street. He held a brown-paper news magazine in his hands. It probably smelled like a freshly minted book as he leafed through it. The world, for him, has come to a standstill with tourists pouring into his favourite pub. […]

Behind the Scenes: Revealing the Hidden Threats in Vendor Relationships

Outsourcing certain functions of the business to third-party vendors offers a myriad of benefits, but it also introduces several potential risks that can severely impact an organisation’s security posture. This edition aims to explore the hidden threats in vendor relationships, shed light on vendor risk management, and provide insights on how to safeguard your organisation […]

Graduate Internship Program, 2024

  A world of opportunities awaits you in Enterprise IT Solutions. Join our 6-month graduate Internship Program! This program will provide unparalleled insights, hands-on experience, and a comprehensive understanding of the modern IT industry. You will have the opportunity to learn cutting-edge IT solutions and industry practices. It is a hands-on experience that will help […]

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